One of the things on my to do list for 2016 is get fucked by three guys at once. In my head I had pictured this as one cock in my cunt, one in my ass and one in my mouth making use of everything I’ve got at once.

A recent Twitter conversation asked if I’d ever had two cocks in my pussy at once and I began imagining those pictures very differently. I’ve always wanted to try being fucked from behind and in the mouth at the same time again to see if it could hit the proper rhythm that takes fun up a level to actual spitroast.

But I’ve enjoyed double penetration with my Master using toys so much we had to scale up because I wanted to be filled even more. That feeling of being filled and stretched and two cocks rubbing together through the muscle between cunt and ass at the same time is something else. I had my first anal orgasm ever that way with my Master in fact.

So the idea of two cocks pushing into my cunt and one my ass at the same time is so overwhelming in its excitement I’m instantly wet and very glad I Googled to see just how physically possible the idea is and even more glad it’s extremely possible with a little manoeuvring and direction.

I’m imagining what it would all be like with a cock in my mouth at the same time too…



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