Small World

So today was an interesting day. I went to a party hosted by the people who inadvertently introduced me to my Master. The association wasn’t lost on me as I got ready for it.

Both I and my body have changed so much since then it seemed apt to mark it to myself as I got dressed. Incredibly push-my-tits-up bra first, no knickers, stockings not tights and black satin corset went on over wearing nothing but my piercings and my favourite butt plug.

Then the tightest most clinging skirt I own, which I would never have bought before Candi. Accompanied by one of those tops that says nothing overtly but promises a lot as it skims but shows off.

I was so enjoying reminding myself of all the things that are different about me since I first met my Master, I forgot there would be people at the party who knew both of us and who I would have to breezily make small talk with about him.

It took a lot of concentration not show that the last time I saw these mutual friends I was nearly an hour late because my Master made sure he came round to my house before I went out and fisted me from behind on my living room floor til he actually made me scream out loud as I came repeatedly.

Then he fucked me hard til my knees nearly gave way, made sure I choked on his cock until he came into my mouth, brushed my new black hair down til it was smooth and sent me on my way to drinks with our friends freshly fucked and having to think of apologies instead.

Those memories were playing across my mind while I was chatting to people who have no idea about my relationship with him and it was making me both nervous of saying the wrong thing and incredibly wet at the same time.

When I texted him from the toilets part way through the party it took a lot of willpower not slip my fingers inside myself to see just how wet the secrets and small talk together had made me along with the memories of my Master’s fist.

Luckily our mutual friend had left by then so I could concentrate on seeing if the other guy I’d been chatting to was really asking me if I wanted to go for another drink or if I had a shot at fulfilling my Master’s orders and sucking his cock…


Small World

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