Try Me Out

servant plug

I went to bed early last night to allow myself to warm up to play with my new toy. I honestly expected to be sending my Master a sheepish message saying I hadn’t been able to manage any of it.

But with some preparation and some lube, I managed to take much much more of it than I could imagine. I wasn’t able to get it all in or even dream of the day I could keep it in but my cunt was greedy for a big helping of it.

And it felt amazing. Incredibly full and stretched to the point where I had to stop trying to take any more because I knew that even another millimetre would make me come and I quite definitely do not have permission for that under these circumstances.

That mix of pressure, almost pain at the widest point of stretching and pleasure all at once was intoxicating and although I stopped before I came, my body is keeping up its new trick of ejaculating even without orgasming.

Seeing a that beautiful black latex-shiny toy with a squirt of white down it made me look forward to trying again tonight…


Try Me Out

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