Magic Numbers

Did anyone like to guess how many toys I would buy at Lovehoney last night? If you had three you were right. And if you had four you were also right.

Technically three things went into my basket but one of them had two items as a set so I was able to cheat slightly and treat to myself to an extra toy

All of them were anal toys and for once I’ve showed some strategy and made sure all of them were bigger than the ones I’ve used for my Master’s most recent challenge but smaller than the biggest anal toy I currently own.

So hopefully that’s four orgasms right there. Oh two are glass for a hint of sparkle….

Magic Numbers

Butt Why Not

My Master has instructed me to wear a plug at night again after I’ve got into bad habits and forgotten to for a while. I put my favourite one in last night and slept so well I realised that means I wasn’t feeling it at all.

And then Lovehoney sent me a 20% off anal toys voucher code today and I decided I really should upgrade to another plug that comfortably reminds me it’s there. I’m a bit Goldilocks with butt plugs though.

I don’t want too long, or too wide and I prefer them curved if I’m going to wear them overnight. My favourite so far was the horribly named Booty Call which was also the cheapest one Lovehoney do and only bought to make up an offer on an order.

If they do one that’s basically the next size up and in the same shape, I’ll be very happy indeed. Most plugs are aimed at men and are simply too long for me as a relatively petite woman who would like to sit down during the day.

It needs to be big enough to stretch me slowly, make me forget occasionally it’s there so I can have the joy of remembering again and distract myself and I’d prefer if it didn’t have any glitter or gemstones on it. I want my ass to have better orgasms, not sparkle gently.

Now let’s see if I can restrict myself to buying only one toy on Lovehoney while I’m at it…

Butt Why Not

Ahead of Myself

As I explained the other day, my Master has set me a new challenge to allow me to come after my Lenten sacrifice. And if I was worried things would have changed after six weeks of not having come, I needn’t have been.

My Master still knows me well enough to know that left to my own devices I’ll be impatient as hell, extremely bad at strategy and basically only focused on an immediate orgasm.

So when he asked what I was going for with my third attempt to come the other night, he expressed no surprise when I said I was using the same purple plug as the night before but with the big John Holmes toy in my pussy at the same time.

The raised eyebrow he gave me was more a warning that I was fucking myself into a corner because each time I come I need to go bigger with the toys. But I was so cock hungry basically that I didn’t stop to think that I was running the risk of ending up with toys too big for me to actually come with.

Instead I went ahead and fucked myself to a ridiculous orgasm, coming from both my ass and pussy at the same time. The plug slipped right out of my ass as I did which surprised me and makes me hopefully that I can finally take the largest Lovehoney plug I’ve got when I try again tonight.

But if I can’t, I really should have listened to my Master’s warning more closely or I’ve run out of orgasms again so soon…

Ahead of Myself


My Master reminded me the other day that we are more than 3 months into the year and told me to write a post on how far I’ve come on the list he gave me at the very beginning of the new year.

He very rarely gives me a direct order on what to write here and I was annoyed with myself that it’s taken me two days to achieve the order and write this piece.

I’m also slightly disappointed with myself that now I look again at the list, I’ve achieved less of it than I would have liked by now. The temptation is to make excuses for it, but I think he’d appreciate action more.

  1. Deepthroat my cock
  2. Take his fist in my ass
  3. Pierce your tongue
  4. Train your waist to 24″ in a corset
  5. Spend a night in a sex club wearing blackout contacts
  6. Take both his hands in my cunt
  7. Be fucked by three guys at once
  8. Make 10 people come in one night
  9. Spend a night with a girl
  10. Train my own sissy slave
  11. Get a tattoo
  12. Wear a wig and butt plug every time I go out for a month
  13. Keep a public blog of my training

So far the only one I have actually done is keep a public blog of my training which is how I started the year off. I had no idea how much fun it would be and how much I would enjoy it but over 7000 views and a hundred plus posts later, I am loving it.

Otherwise I’ve been working on some of the others. I’m wearing a plug a lot of the time and being rewarded by the increase in orgasms, but still struggling with the thought of wearing a wig every time I go out.

I’ve been trying to find both the right sissy to train and a girl to spend the night with but haven’t found either yet (feel free to email me if you’d like to volunteer though!) I can’t decide if this is because other people are often flaky as fuck or if I really lack the authoritative tone and control of a top required to get people to do actually do things?

I suspect it’s an aspect of people being unreliable but mainly compounded with my lack of comfort with giving an order and expecting it to be followed. I’m still learning how to be a good submissive to my dominant that I don’t seem to be able to switch at all at the moment.

It’ll be interesting to see if I ever can or whether as I suspect I’m naturally submissive and most comfortable within that dynamic and need to find a way to adapt that to follow my Master’s orders while prioritising him but interacting with other people who take charge.

Luckily I’m making progress on the waist training before it seems like I haven’t even followed his orders yet this year. I’ve seasoned two 26″ corsets and can enjoy wearing them fully laced for long periods of time. I’ve also been wearing my waist trainer so much I only forgo it to sleep or shower in now and can definitely see the difference in the shape of my body when I do.

Hopefully these achievements bode well for the rest of the challenges for the rest of the year…


Full and Fizzing

Now that I’ve taken that can of Coke, I never want to play with anything else. This was the first video I filmed for the blog in front of another person.

Not only does someone else manning the camera mean I have both hands free for more filth, it gives me a taster of what it’s like to perform for people.

Turns out I like it enough that I’ve just opened a store on Clips4Sale to start putting my videos up there regularly…

Full and Fizzing


I’m not entirely sure if my Master planned it this way or it was helped along by circumstance (and I’m not sure it matters now) but I ended up accidentally giving up orgasms for Lent.

I have never given anything up for Lent before in my life and quite honestly if I was going to pick something, this idea would never have occurred to me, but strangely it’s been oddly satisfying in a perverse, rather than perverted way.

I did find myself last night Googling when Lent technically ended but in the end it was just after midnight when I got to play with my purple plug and pink toy so I’d have been safe even on a technicality.

I’d forgotten how good that long skinny plug feels with its very big round base and both my Master and I were surprised how much I could feel the pink G spot toy with its little bulb shaped head.

With the two pushing together and a sense that come hell or high water, I was going to come I fucked myself to an orgasm surprisingly quickly. I was expecting something mind blowing after waiting so long but in the end it was a perfectly enjoyable orgasm that also left me incredibly relaxed and made me sleep incredibly deeply.

Which is why I’m up early on a Bank Holiday writing a blog post. You’ll of course remember I have to have blogged about the previous orgasm before I can have another…



On a dull grey day my mind has been on bright colours because I’m planning to celebrate hitting 7000 views on the blog and the quickest thousand views of a video on Xhamster I’ve had so far.

I’m going to size up tonight for the next attempt at my Master’s challenge with the purple butt plug and pink G spot toy and see if I can make myself come to make it a hat trick of a day…