Taking Orders

waist trainer & aubergine

My Master had me on my toes with his orders today. I’m forbidden to come again until I have my tongue in someone else’s cunt so my morning started off with searching dating apps for women to meet.

But I had some work to do this afternoon so I couldn’t spend all day gazing at hot women and imagining making them come. When I told my Master what my plans for today were, he told me to go out to them with one of the aubergines in my cunt.

I was quite distracted by the time I arrived at my meeting feeling filled and stretched by the feeling of keeping a smooth slick aubergine in my cunt as I walked around.

I was even more distracted when I realised it was at a church building. I’m not particularly used to dealing with the clergy at the best of the time, but knowing I was doing so with a large vegetable stuffed inside my bare cunt felt completely depraved.

When my Master messaged to see how I was getting on and just how distracted I was, I told him. And he promptly ordered me to go to bathroom and send him a video of me stroking my clit.

It seemed so wrong and yet I did it and enjoyed it, knowing the inappropriateness of the whole thing was making me soaking wet. I then sat through my meeting acutely aware of the aubergine, my soaking wet cunt and the fact I’m forbidden to orgasm until I follow further orders….



Taking Orders

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