Yes I Can

I’ve been struggling to take the Coke can again and I’m not sure why. It’s no bigger or heavier than the mango but it’s been defeating me every time I’ve tried.

I really do hate to fail so last night I went to bed early with it and a new kind of lube and a determination to take it completely.

And I’m not sure if it was the lube or not but this time I managed to take the can repeatedly, managing to fill my cunt up with it so much that you couldn’t even see it inside me.

I do like this little sneak peek of the ring pull though…

coke can 16:02

Yes I Can

2 thoughts on “Yes I Can

  1. thesecretheart says:

    Goodness, I am amazed at what you are able to do….even so: take care… reason the can won’t go in easily is its shape – and take care as you get it out!


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