Very Odd

I haven’t come in over two weeks. I forgot to ask my Master’s permission while he’s been occupied and he didn’t tell me I may so I’ve made sure I haven’t despite making sure I’ve been stretching myself everyday.

Tonight I decided to break my latex catsuit in a little more and get used to how it feels to wear something that tight. I adore the feel of wriggling into it and slowly zipping it up one way to cinch it tight and slowly unzipping the other way to keep my cunt free to play.

I could feel how wet I was with the seams of the latex pressing on my inner thighs as my cunt was exposed. Kneeling up I was even dripping onto the bed sheet. I had the can of Coke to hand having not been able to take it again since my one and only success a few weeks ago.

And yet despite being gloriously slipperily wet I couldn’t take it. Nor the inflatable toy that usually glides in like it’s come home for the night. I had no luck with the fist either. Nothing would fit. Soaking wet, but oddly tight at the same time. Definitely not like me.

The one thing that would fit was the magic wand. A little effort and it filled me right up as I increased the speed to full tilt. I could see my clit vibrate and shudder from it and I wanted to push myself right to the moment when I could come and then stop. If that didn’t open my cunt to its usual gaping self and allow me to take the fist, nothing would.

And then as if my cunt has a mind of its own, it began to open and push the head of the wand out just as I could feel myself wanting to press down on it and allow my orgasm to take over. But instead the wand started to slide out incredibly slowly, stretching me wider for longer than I thought I could go.

I felt ruined as it fell out onto the bed. The sensation of extreme stretching and a ruined orgasm together felt somehow more intense than just coming, but completely different at the same time. And my cunt felt destroyed. Still strangely tight, yet totally open and absolutely aching for my Master’s fist…

Very Odd

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