So last night my day job took me to a party at an Embassy of one of those small rich Nordic countries. It’s always fun to see who goes to those kinds of things, but I was quite definitely the only person there in a corset.

And it was catching a few eyes as I ate canapes and chatted to people I knew. No proper latex this time, just some black wet look leggings and a white shirt. Almost like a very slutty looking waitress in fact.

I love wearing the corset. Being all laced in with my back straight and my tits lifted gets my mind racing and my pussy not far behind. There’s something about the possibilities it suggests and last night it certainly got me thinking how you could perk up a party.

I rather like a man in a good suit and you find plenty of them at places like this. As the speeches started, I let my mind wander to who would be fun to play with and discover what’s under the suit. Who could be persuaded into the toilet while the Prime Minister talked and shoved up against a wall with his cock out ready to suck?

How easy is it in a roomful of strangers to find the one you can get filthy with? Can I keep my mind from running away with me while I talk work? Sadly, it’s trickier than you’d think.

Although I was very aware of the besuited man standing close behind me while we listened to important people talk. I could imagine him brushing his hard cock against me, feeling that I had no panties on under those tight clinging trousers and making our acquaintance that way before slipping away together while everyone was too distracted to notice.

Such a pity it didn’t get to happen. Next time hopefully…



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