wine bottle


I am laughing to myself just how much I didn’t think that second squash I bought was particularly large until I brought it home and compared it to my first attempt. It’s at least twice the size and even those of you have faith and interest what I can stretch my cunt with have let out a whistle of surprise when I posted it last night.

Unsurprisingly I haven’t managed to take it yet. I suspect it’s going to take a lot of time and practice to do that. I did try last night and get myself ready for it by attempting the wine bottle again.

No luck with it either because it turns out glass can be so slippery when you combine it with a soaking wet cunt, but I was amused to discover that using the neck of the bottle quite literally barely touched the sides and just left me craving the other end inside me.

I have visitors coming round tonight so after I’d played with the bottle, I was kink-proofing my flat. I remembered to wash the bottle well and tuck it inside my knicker drawer so no one happened to see that I had a bottle of wine by the bed and wonder why.

I think I’ve also managed to hide all the other signs of being a pervert from them all. Which is why I’ll be wearing a butt plug when they are here and another attempt at some kind of plug in my pussy as well to remind myself of my own kinks while I play hostess like a good little vanilla girl.




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