3 toys on floor

I’ve got a bit cocky recently. All this encouragement and enthusiasm about what Candi can do with her cunt and I think I can handle anything my Master orders me without batting an eyelid.

Well, I’ve learned my lesson today. I’ve got a new plug for night times. Actually designed for the ass, it arrived from Lovehoney today and I’m not just nervous. I’m terrified.

When my Master instructed to look for large toys the other night and send him a list with dimensions, I discovered that I don’t know the difference between diameter and circumference.

I should have known that there was more to it when my Master told me Candi didn’t need to bother her slutty little head about details. My first clue that I should have paid more attention was when the postman brought the enormous box to the door double handed.

The second was when the box didn’t rattle because the packaging filled it. No Amazon style wrapping here.

The third was when I actually saw the plug. My first thought was ‘oh fuck’ and not necessarily in the sexual sense. It’s gigantic. I’m in awe of anyone who can get it into their ass because my pussy might struggle.

It’s bigger than the small squash I felt so proud of managing a few weeks back. It makes my largest butt plug (which I’ve never managed to take in my ass) look like a little finger. It has a diameter of 3.75 inches and I still don’t know the difference between that and the circumference in mathematical terms.

But it’s wider than the mug I was about to make tea in when the doorbell rang. It’s 980g of beautiful glossy black silicone and this thing that weighs the same as a bag of sugar needs to go into my cunt tonight on my Master’s orders.

I knew it was a bad idea to tell him how nerves always seem to make me enjoy things more in the end, but I can’t help admiring his orders all the more at the same time…

toy and cup




So for my 100th post as Candi, I thought it would be interesting to think back to my first post and see what’s changed and how I’m getting on with my Master’s list.

Sadly I haven’t completely ticked anything off it yet but I have spent my evening alternating  between messaging women online and arranging another video shoot for Candi to play at. Oh, and emailing a couple of tattooists this week to discuss ideas.

I’ve been nervous up until now about getting my tongue piercing done but since my Master reminded me of the orders I need to follow first to be allowed to do it, all my nerves have gone and I’m looking forward to it.

The fact the orders involve learning to lick pussy help too…


Taking Orders

waist trainer & aubergine

My Master had me on my toes with his orders today. I’m forbidden to come again until I have my tongue in someone else’s cunt so my morning started off with searching dating apps for women to meet.

But I had some work to do this afternoon so I couldn’t spend all day gazing at hot women and imagining making them come. When I told my Master what my plans for today were, he told me to go out to them with one of the aubergines in my cunt.

I was quite distracted by the time I arrived at my meeting feeling filled and stretched by the feeling of keeping a smooth slick aubergine in my cunt as I walked around.

I was even more distracted when I realised it was at a church building. I’m not particularly used to dealing with the clergy at the best of the time, but knowing I was doing so with a large vegetable stuffed inside my bare cunt felt completely depraved.

When my Master messaged to see how I was getting on and just how distracted I was, I told him. And he promptly ordered me to go to bathroom and send him a video of me stroking my clit.

It seemed so wrong and yet I did it and enjoyed it, knowing the inappropriateness of the whole thing was making me soaking wet. I then sat through my meeting acutely aware of the aubergine, my soaking wet cunt and the fact I’m forbidden to orgasm until I follow further orders….



Taking Orders


My resolution to make more noise seems to have been easier already than I expected.

I was out earlier when my Master messaged me to ask how things were going with the photographs I took on Friday and what plans I had for doing more.

His order that I would tell him those plans only while he had his fist inside me made me moan out loud before I could stop myself.

It was only when I realised the man sitting next to me was staring that I noticed I’d done it.

I shouldn’t have been so embarrassed because getting up to leave meant missing the next message from my Master and cost me the chance to come in public…