Dirty Martini

One of my favourite places in London is the Barbican. I like the otherworldliness of it and the self contained feel it has. Discovering that it has spacious discreet toilets tucked away to get up to all kinds in only made me like it more.

I’ve used them on the instruction of my Master one before when I was at a party at the Barbican and slipped from one bar to another to suck cock and reappear before any of my friends noticed I’d gone missing.

So when I was following his orders again this weekend, the Barbican seemed like a good place to get some practice in. I had put an ad on Craigslist to narrow down who to meet by asking men to describe the way they make a martini and I would pick the one that matched how I like mine.

I met a man who knows that martinis should only ever involve gin, three olives and be as dry as humanly possible and made the best of the fact the bar I wanted to use was closed for refurbishment, ducking into a well hidden toilet I only know about because a friend used to be a resident.

With its heavy door and the thick carpets of the Barbican blotting out the sound of all the people being cultural, it seemed like an excellent place to be doing something very private. He leaned against the wall, cock already hard in his jeans and I knelt down in front of him and unbuckled him so that it sprung out of the top of his boxers eagerly and straight into my mouth.

I discovered that wearing a corset allows you to arch your back more easily to let him tilt his hips and push his cock further into your mouth so you can open it wider and relax your jaw to suck with deep sloppy strokes. With my hands on his legs, he came into the back of my throat with a sound so muffled it vibrated through his body at the same time.

He left and I made sure I didn’t look like I’d been up to anything I shouldn’t in polite company. Then I went downstairs and sat by myself on a high seat at the Martini Bar in my corset and latex stockings and ordered the very drink he’d suggested in the first place.

I think that’s the first time I’ve ever drunk a martini with the taste of a stranger’s cock on my lips and it turns out a dry drink goes very well with a wet cunt…



Dirty Martini

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