Afternoon Delight

It turns out Saturday afternoon is an excellent time to suck cock in a public place.

I arranged to meet a guy who liked my choice in stockings and red lipstick and I arrived early at the cafe so I could watch for him arriving and working out which woman Candi is in a room.

I’d given him a hint of what I’d be wearing, but I’m intrigued to see if people can tell how slutty I am just by looking. Judging by the looks leopard print and fishnet stockings got and how easily he spotted me, I suspect they can.

I’d been drinking tea while I waited and hoped that he could spot the lipstick marks on the edge of the cup as a taster as to how his cock was going to look shortly while we chatted politely to allow time to see when was a good time to slip away from the cafe.

Needing to touch my lipstick up gave me an excellent excuse to check we had privacy to use the accessible toilet. I wanted both sets of lips as wet and glossy looking as possible before he knocked on the door.

I knelt on the floor in front of him and unbuckled his belt and took his cock in my mouth. I love that moment of licking the pre come off a cock and feeling it come completely to life in my mouth. As he got harder, my mouth got wetter and my sucking sloppier until there was a very nice rhythm going.

Unlike the other day, I didn’t lose it when not one but two people tried the door handle. I think the wicked thought of what they would have found if he hadn’t carefully locked it made want to take even more of his cock in my mouth.

I was enjoying it all so much it was almost a surprise when he came and came hard. I swallowed half of it and the rest finished off with my hand around his cock and dripping with his come.

A quick clean up for both of us and he left. I lingered a little longer to check what exactly had happened to my lipstick after taking a cock deep in my mouth. And I liked the plump redness of my lips afterwards so much, I decided to go shopping for a colour just like it.

So much more fun to shop for lipstick walking round round with a wet cunt and no panties and the taste of a strange man’s come in your mouth…


Afternoon Delight

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