Crossed Paths

Today has been frustrating to say the least. I had a work emergency that meant postponing my first encounter of the day despite having it all planned out.

But at least I had another assignation arranged for Friday night to make up for the disappointment. I sat through another work meeting in suspenders and stockings all afternoon thinking about how hot it would be when I finally got down on my knees this evening with the sound of a belt unbuckling beside me and a busy bar on the other side of the door.

Sitting in my friend’s house chatting about work only able to sit at one angle in her comfy chair because my skirt was tight and my panties in my handbag, I planned how I would go to the toilets when I met tonight’s guy and slip them on while we chatted over a drink so that I could take them off when we’d finished and he could see how wet sucking cock on my Master’s orders makes me.

We’d arranged to meet at 7.30 at Bank tube station having carefully checked which exit we meant. I put my heels and red lipstick on before I left my friend’s house but did Candi’s hair en route.

The guy had asked if we could meet earlier than arranged and so I felt pleased I’d arrived at 7.25 past so as not to keep him waiting. There’s something quite exciting about watching all the men in the City passing you by and wondering which one’s cock you’re going to be sucking in the next hour.

But it wasn’t just my head turning. Candi’s long hair and red lips and seamed stockings seemed to be catching quite a few eyes as I stood there. I quite enjoyed feeling men’s eyes on me as I waited. And waited.

When fifteen minutes had gone past, I knew my waiting was in vain. I wasn’t going to be sucking cock tonight. I was almost tempted to proposition the man who whispered ‘woof’ into my ear as I was leaving to salvage the evening and not disappoint Master further.

Instead I wrote the night off and got on the bus and checked my email in annoyance. Only to see that I’d got the time wrong. We were meeting at 7pm and he’d waited til twenty past. I’d sabotaged myself and he was a lot nicer about my error than I’d have been in that situation.

So I’m back at home, all dressed up having entertained myself with slutty ideas all day. Like most women when Friday night plans go awry, I’ll be reaching for a bottle of wine. Unlike them, I won’t be drinking it…


Crossed Paths

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