After sucking cock in a public place yesterday I had to go and have a work meeting with someone I think would probably faint if they knew what I’d been doing half an hour earlier.

She did raise a slight eyebrow at the fact I was wearing latex stockings but was mainly rather taken with the corset and how small my waist looks in it. I bet I know what she’s Googling tonight after the number of questions she asked.

I felt slightly exposed that the last pair of panties I’ve worn were now in a strange man’s pocket while she asked to touch the latex thinking I was wearing leggings rather than stockings. I obviously didn’t enlighten her as we talked.

I rather enjoyed the walk through Waterloo at rush hour to catch a bus home. Amazing how many tired commuters’ eyes can be caught by some well shined latex coming into view.

I was almost disappointed to get a seat to myself on the bus and then a bunch of teenage schoolboys filled up the extra seats and made their presence felt. I don’t know if they were trying to impress me or intimidate me but they kept leaning close or or over me and discussing their supposed sexual prowess and conquests.

I stared out the window as if I couldn’t hear anything they were saying, all the while laughing to myself as they insisted a girl needs to have a tight pussy to be any fun. I wondered exactly what they’d think if they knew the kind of fun this stretched girl gets up to.

Instead I unbuttoned my coat and stood up for my stop and watched them fall instantly silent as they took in the latex and the corset. I could feel their eyes on me as I walked down the bus and I wasn’t surprised when I looked up as the bus drove off to see them staring out the window at me.

I’d like to think I taught them a few life lessons about not making assumptions about women, but I suspect I simply corrupted them. But I did remember that I need business cards in future…


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