I’m up bright and early to get myself ready for a day out. I’m going to go out and about in central London seemingly like anyone else, except that I’m going to wearing some latex stockings and I’m on my way to meet a strange man to suck his cock in a public place.

It’s absolutely terrifying. And yet it’s also incredibly hot and I was wet when I went to bed last night. Slipping my fingers into myself was very very easy and I couldn’t wait to fill myself up with my favourite dildo and fuck myself til I took the fist as well.

And that’s exactly what I did all while thinking about pleasing my Master by being down on my knees on his orders. I ended up so wet and wide neither of the toys could stay in as I squirted and came. I also soaked the sheet so much I almost couldn’t sleep in my bed last night, but lying in it all night kept me thinking about how much fun today will be…



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