Coke Can

coke stretch

With my corset tighter and my cunt looser than I’ve ever got either before I was determined to slip the whole full Coke can inside me.

Having warmed up with my hand and the tonic can, I knelt over the can and allowed my cunt to open up and slip gradually inside me as I straddled it. I could feel myself stretching wider and wider and feel the can inching its way into my pussy.

And then suddenly it was slipping inside like my cunt was devouring it and the whole thick heavy can was inside me, pushing down on my pussy lips and making them stretch and swell around the lip of the can.

I’m not sure if I didn’t have in just far enough or if I’d made myself gape so much that it dropped out when I stood up. But I have to say something that solid coming out of my absolutely dripping wet cunt felt pretty fucking fantastic either way.

I look forward to keeping practising until I can fulfil my Master’s latest order to video myself slipping the can of Coke instead me and pull a pair of jeans on to help it stay inside while I go to the shop to buy a second one…

coke inside

Coke Can

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