An Eyeful

After my afternoon of alternating between a skinny little diet tonic water and a thick full fat Coke in my cunt, I sadly had to come back to the real world and do some work.

Imagine my surprise when I realised I had an email from Yodel telling me the courier had called but that I was ‘unavailable.’ It had been sent while I was kneeling on my living room floor in full view of the windows next to the front door fucking myself stretched with a can of Coke. That’s quite a way to be unavailable.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about being watched doing so and couldn’t decide if it made me feel exposed or excited. I assumed it was irrelevant thought because Yodel are notoriously unreliable and I always hear my front gate opening even when I’m deep in subspace waiting for my Master to let himself into my house to play with me. I couldn’t have missed being watched. Yet I rather liked the idea all the same.

But imagine my surprise when I found a delivery card in the letterbox later that night and realised I had had an audience after all…


An Eyeful

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