A Real Thirst

tonic gape

I’ve been wondering if the reason I’ve been having issue with the Coke can is because of the shape and weight of it. It’s no bigger than the Belladonna Bitch Fist but it’s so much shorter and more squat that it means you have to get the angle right to allow it to slip into your cunt.

I’ve been finding the initial feeling of the cool metal great against my hot wet pussy but then it feels wrong to be pushing inside me as if it will hurt me even though I am desperate to be filled right up by it.

I thought I’d get myself used to the feel of the smooth metal can by using the slimmer and longer tonic water can on my smooth cunt with its own hint of metal. I didn’t even need any lube for this one.

My cunt couldn’t get enough of it. It’s like a heavier smoother slippery version of the big John Holmes dildo my Master started my stretching off on. The tonic water filled me right up and felt fantastic sliding in and out.

Unfortunately it was just a little too narrow for my gaping cunt to keep in place when I got up on my knees and kept dropping out each time. I enjoyed the excuse to fill myself up and try again, knowing it was stretching me out nicely for trying the Coke can again.

I’m definitely ready for more metal…

tonic stretch



A Real Thirst

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