Lace Me Tight

corset laced

It’s not as much fun lacing myself into my corset as when my Master does it…

I kneel down and bend over and he pulls each lace tighter and tighter so my back straightens and my waist shrinks and my cunt gets wet in anticipation of what’s to come. He knots the laces tightly and twists the excess round so I can’t reach it.

The laced corset doesn’t just look and feel good. It tells me I belong to him. It shapes me. It changes my body. It controls me. Just like my training when he isn’t there. It marks me as his territory. I belong to him and when I wear it I do exactly as I am told.

I make no decisions while I wear it. It supports and shapes me while he uses my body. It dictates how I come and what I sound like while I do it. It helps me ride him hard enough to still feel something in my ruined cunt and gives him grip to fuck my ass.

And it means I have to ask him to release me when he’s finished with me.

When he leaves I can feel where he’s been from the come inside me to the sensations in the muscles of my ever tightening waist. My training is changing my body and I like it. The tighter my waist, the more stretched my cunt…

corset gape


Lace Me Tight

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