panties in cunt

My Master was pleased with how my training went the other night, getting four of my five pervertable purchases into my cunt with relative ease and resulting orgasms.

But I still didn’t manage to get the Coke can inside me so my punishment was a pair of panties. I’m so well trained now that the idea of wearing them overnight made my heart sink.

Then my Master told me I’d wearing them inside my cunt overnight and wasn’t to pull them out until morning. My stretched wet pussy wondered if I’d even be able to feel them?

I rolled them up and slipped them inside and discovered I’ve stretched so much I could hardly feel them go in and had to push them in as deep as possible to be able to hold onto them. And then I completely forgot about them overnight.

Next morning I pulled them out of my ruined pussy, noticing that it had stayed wet all night and probably explained the filthy dreams I had had.

I’m quite keen to wear panties again this way and the next pair goes to the best comment on the blog. I do like to show my appreciation and work even harder for my Master…




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