Butternut Squash

squashed stretched

The top three suggestions from Craigslist as to what I should try putting in my cunt were a champagne bottle, a baseball bat and a butternut squash. I was slightly disappointed earlier to discover that butternut squash don’t seem to be in season.

Luckily Marks and Spencer can be relied on to have out of season fruit and veg, even though I doubt they were expecting me to stretch my cunt with it. I chose the straightest one I could find to maximise my chances of taking it.

Even after the sheet-soakingly good orgasm the aubergine gave me which left my cunt incredibly loose and ready, I didn’t think I’d be able to take the squash. I thought I’d manage an inch or two at most having not managed so well with the Coke can.

Lying on my back and trying to slide it in meant my greedy cunt couldn’t take more than the very tip, but seeing my cunt lips pushed so far apart by just that made me want to take it all no matter what.

Impatient to be stretched as wide as possible, I knelt over the squash and lowered myself on it, using gravity and my natural lube and almost instantly I could feel my cunt just pulling it in until only the very widest point was still outside me.

It felt so obscene to look down and see the base of the squash coming out of my cunt with lube running down it because I was so wet I didn’t need the extra. I leaned back and fucked myself with the whole 600g squash a few times to feel it opening me wider and wider with each thrust.

Then I leaned forward, pushed down as far as I could go on it and rode it while rubbing my clit til I came. I think that’s what I did because I was on my knees filled up with it when I stopped coming but on my fifth orgasm in just over an hour and stretched wider than I’ve ever been, it’s hard to know what was happening at that point.

I can’t thank my Master enough.















Butternut Squash

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