avo in

After starting with a cucumber, it seemed like it would be a jump to the width of an avocado but being wet and loosened up after an orgasm and knowing that my Master would be waiting for me to send photos of my Friday night, my cunt couldn’t get enough of it.

It slipped in thick end first right in with no effort at all and while it felt good, it didn’t stretch me at all. In fact my cunt seemed to hug it so tight, I momentarily worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it out.

I got up on my knees, legs wide open and used the magic wand to make myself come hoping the vibrations and waves of the orgasm would help the avocado slip out. I needn’t have worried as it dropped out easily as I came stretching me more than way that when it was inside me.

Few things feel better than something solid sliding out of your cunt as you come. It reminded me of my Master’s fist fucking me from behind.




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