I have never understood the point of aubergines. They look so alluring on the outside but they just make everything taste sort of blandly bitter and appeared to be rather pointless. But that’s because I’ve never put one in my cunt before.

And it turns out the point of aubergines is to fill me up, to stretch me and to make me squirt when I come with it inside me. I don’t know if it’s the incredible smoothness of the skin or the shape or the size inside me but I’ve rarely had come like I did with an aubergine inside me before.

It started off gliding inside me without even needing any lube because I was so wet and open from the cucumber, avocado and two orgasms and then it stalled slightly for a second before my cunt just seemed to swallow it up.

It felt perfect. Smooth and stretching me without slipping out like my similarly shaped inflatable toy does, I enjoyed hugely seeing how much it made me gape to have inside me. My cunt looked so good stretched wide and yet filled right up.

I discovered I could push it in and out just using the muscles in my cunt and letting it slip in and out so I could hear how wet and gaping I was. I slipped it back in and let it fill me up, absorbing all the warmth from my cunt, while I used the magic wand on my clit.

And when I came, the aubergine slid out easily at just the moment the waves started and unusually for me, I squirted at the same time. I’ve only ever squirted once before using the John Holmes toy on my G spot and playing with my Master at the same time.

Knowing I was squirting and soaking the sheet beneath me made come again and squirt a little more even though the aubergine wasn’t even inside me. Just thinking back to that orgasm an hour later is making my tired stretched cunt get wet again instantly and want to fuck myself again. What an excellent point to aubergines.

aubergine gape


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