Can I?


Today’s challenge from my Master was to put my wig on and go to the shop to buy a can of Coke. And then slide that can of Coke into my stretched pussy and keep it there.

I warmed up by wearing the biggest plug in my cunt and matching my hair to it by wearing my black wig and walking to the shop with it in.

When I got back I warmed up a little bit further thinking about my Master sat at work waiting for me to obey my orders and slipping my own fist inside myself several times, pushing it in further and deeper than I’ve managed before to feel how wet and stretched I was.

I straddled the fist toy and pushed down to allow it to slip inside me and open me up further, fucking myself a few times to make sure I was wet and ready. Then I took the can of Coke and made sure it was slick and cold to slip inside me.

I was surprised not to be able to push it deeper inside myself than I could. The cold hard metal felt fantastic against my hot cunt but to begin with I could only creep about half an inch inside me.

I played with angles and eventually I managed to get about half of it inside me, feeling myself stretched so wide open my cunt felt completely different and I could feel it in my ass too.

Only when my arms started to give way from pushing did I stop. I slipped the pighole inside my sopping lubed up cunt to keep it wide open while my arms regain feeling so I can try again later.

I so want to feel the weight of that can inside me, pushing down on my cunt lips as I walk around but the pighole is keeping me ready until then.








Can I?

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