Today is about latex. Another love in my life that my Master introduced me to.

I’d never worn it until I met him. I always thought it was more complicated than it was or for girls with different bodies to mine. Turns out like many things, latex doesn’t need overthinking. It just needs wearing.

I started with a skirt. I instantly loved it worn tight and clinging over my thighs, getting shinier with each wear, helped by my Master pushing it up round my waist to fuck me so that the rubber softened and shone more and looked better every time I tried it on.

Then the stockings. I can’t stop staring at my own legs in them. They seem to go on forever when wrapped in shiny black latex whether I wear heels or not. As soon as I slip them on I want to wrap my legs around my Master as he fucks me. The feel of latex on my skin on his skin while his cock is inside me feels like nothing else.

So I had to get a catsuit. It arrived last night. I went for a sleeveless version with a low scoop neck to show off my nipple piercings more easily and allow my bare arms to emphasise the contrast between latex and naked skin even more.

I haven’t tried it on yet, but later today I’ll begin shining it up so that the rubber softens and shapes to my body perfectly to allow my Master to open that two way zip either way he chooses when he sees me in it the first time.

And I’ll be looking for a mask as well. I want something like this full face version which must have an open mouth for my Master to fuck my throat while I wear it. But this one is for men and too big for me. Where can I get a women’s one that isn’t a cutesy kitty cat version?

My latex isn’t cute. It’s about being as slutty as possible.




















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