I mentioned I was meeting an old friend who had anticipated my submissive tendencies long before I recognised them and I was apprehensive as to what he’d say about me now practising them. I hoped he wouldn’t think I was just playing at all this.

He arrived at my house just as I’d finished slipping that large plug inside me to keep my Master’s instructions clear in my head and my cunt while we were talking.

(I miss the illicit feeling of wearing the two pairs of Luna Balls around other people and them not knowing what a distraction they were. But they were starting to hold my training back and Master was right to tell me to stop wearing them.)

I had so much to catch up on in the four years since I’d seen my friend. He’s a fetish photographer in Berlin so we rarely get to catch up in person. He told me all about topping his new puppy and training him and then he started to ask me about my Master.

I explained how we’d met and how he had seen my potential as a submissive without me realising it and started training me again without me entirely realising what he was doing, describing where we had got to now.

My friend stopped me and congratulated me on being such a well trained submissive slut. For a moment I thought he was praising me and then I realised a well trained slut needs a good Master and he was congratulating my Master instead.

After all, my friend has known me for twelve years and knows what a task it has been to train me so is giving credit where it’s due. As a top he couldn’t hide how impressed he was by my Master’s work. But as my friend I knew he was encouraging me to keep up my hard work too.

I started by sleeping with the large plug in my pussy all night…


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