Make Me Your Sex Toy

I had to make things up to my Master today after letting him down last night. I needed to follow his orders and follow them well.

I started by dressing in my new corset. A smaller waist should mean my gaping cunt feels even looser. Then I put on my latex stockings and shortest dress and laced the corset as tight as I could go.

The one order I had followed last night was to ask for suggestions for my training on Craigslist for what would stretch me further and keep people watching because who doesn’t like an audience?

The first suggestion was a cucumber so Master sent me fully dressed in latex, corset and long wig to the shop to buy one. Compared to the toys I’ve been training with, they seemed so slender, but queuing up with my naked cunt just above the latex while standing in Tesco got me wet with little effort.

The cucumber slipped into me with ease and without lube. So thoughtful of Tesco to keep them chilled for sliding into a hot wet cunt, even if I’m now so loose I couldn’t keep it in without a hand on it. All the better for fucking myself with until my Master arrived.

He hadn’t felt my cunt since he ordered me to stop wearing the two pairs of jiggle balls that had kept the last bit of tightness and when he slipped his cock inside me he could feel the difference immediately.

Who could come from a cunt that loose and sloppy? Apart from me when he had his whole fist and another three fingers inside me that is. He needed to make me his sex toy instead.

Instead of his fist, he slipped the head of my magic wand inside me and pulsed the speed back and forth, seeing if his cock would slide into my tight ass at the same time. But my loose cunt was more the challenge. Could I take the wand and Master’s cock at once?

I could and if he hadn’t run the toy on full speed I’m not sure I could have been sure of how filled up I was, but my cunt took over, pushing the toy and him further in until I came and the vibrations of my orgasm alone moved his cock that he came inside me. The only movement was from my cunt and the vibrations of the toy rather than us fucking.

The overwhelming feel of his cock, my cunt and the toy all moving at once made me want to scream as I kept coming but the tight tight corset meant I couldn’t.

My legs are still shaking and my muscles are still tight from the corset as I type this sitting in my latex stockings and dress, feeling Master’s come inside me. I’ve never felt more like Master’s plaything.

Make Me Your Sex Toy

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