The First Time I Took a Fist

My Master asked me to write about my highlights of the last year with the three most memorable moments. While it’s hard to pick from such a selection, I knew immediately that the first one had to be the first time I took my Master’s fist completely.

It took a lot of training from him over weeks and months, slipping his fingers in one at a time as my cunt got wider and wetter each time. I stretched until I could take his whole hand to the knuckles repeatedly but not quite his whole fist.

I wanted to feel his whole hand inside me knowing it would fill me up completely and make me come hard round him, but more than that, how much it would please him.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to handle the sensation after the day he stretched me that bit further by putting the head of my wand completely inside my cunt and playing with it on full power.

Not only was that an incredibly overwhelming orgasm, it meant the next time I saw him, my cunt stretched right out to allow him to slip his whole hand inside me with ease.

I was so wet and ready that his knuckles opened me up so much that I wasn’t even sure if they were inside me until he told me to reach down with my own hand and all I could feel was his wrist.

Touching it and knowing that his whole hand was completely enclosed by my hot wet stretched cunt made me come so hard and so quickly that all I could think was I never wanted him to take his fist out of me.

Unless it was to slip it back inside me again and again and keep filling me up with the feel of his slick slippery hand until I felt like I couldn’t take anymore but still didn’t want him to stop.

Just remembering it makes me open and wet and my cunt ready for anything his fist asks of me in the future…

The First Time I Took a Fist

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