2015 Flashbacks

When my Master asked me to write about three flashbacks from my training in 2015, I only had to think for a minute with the first one of the first time I took his fist, but the other two were a little harder to pick out when all I could think was what a slut for his fist I’ve become.

But the one that stood out was the first time I slipped my fingers inside a cunt that wasn’t my own and  how good it was to feel how it responded and opened up around them.

I wanted to slide another finger inside her wet pussy and then another and feel her stretch wider until she came and closed round my hand. I wanted to know what my Master feels when he fucks me with his fist.

Maybe he’ll let me next time?

2015 Flashbacks

6 thoughts on “2015 Flashbacks

  1. Laura says:

    Even more pleased I subscribed to your blog after reading this post 🙂 There’s nothing quite like seeing and feeling how a cunt responds to different touches


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