2015 Flashbacks #2

Technically this is the third of the three posts my Master asked me to write after the first time I took his fist and me discovering the pleasures of pussy, but my first fisting deserved its own title.

I’ve learned a lot with my Master but none more than the more his orders make me nervous, the more I enjoy them in the end. A combination of anticipation, submission and pleasure.

I was especially nervous when he ordered me to buy an Oxballs pighole a few months ago. It looked more like it would rip me apart than be enjoyable when I looked online. But I trust my Master.

He instructed me not to open it or handle the package it arrived in which built my nerves even more as I waited for him to arrive at my house. I left it by the bed as I slipped into my latex stockings and skirt with a corset and knelt blindfolded on the floor knowing the first time I felt it would be inside my own cunt.

Lying back, legs open, listening to Master open the package made my cunt soaking wet and my nerves tense. As he slipped the toy inside me, I realised it isn’t rigid like I thought but flexible silicone to hold you open and stretch with you.

The large was big enough to instantly open me enough that I could put my whole fist inside myself with ease. I felt so wide and stretched that I just wanted filled up immediately whether from fisting or fucking and my Master gave me plenty of both.

Feeling the pighole warm up with my hot wet cunt made me able to feel his skin inside me all the more as he fucked me repeatedly to orgasm hearing the obscene sounds of the silicone in my dripping cunt before eventually slipping his cock into my ass.

Even tighter than usual because the pighole was stretching my cunt so wide, I sat on his cock while he fucked my ass. I could feel the shape and the inner ridges of the pighole pushing against my asshole filled up so tightly with his cock.

Skin and silicone rubbed together inside me until I came hard with my cunt spasming so much it pushed the pighole out of me just as my Master came into my ass at the same time.

Sometimes nerves are the best lubricant.






2015 Flashbacks #2

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