Dirty Martini

One of my favourite places in London is the Barbican. I like the otherworldliness of it and the self contained feel it has. Discovering that it has spacious discreet toilets tucked away to get up to all kinds in only made me like it more.

I’ve used them on the instruction of my Master one before when I was at a party at the Barbican and slipped from one bar to another to suck cock and reappear before any of my friends noticed I’d gone missing.

So when I was following his orders again this weekend, the Barbican seemed like a good place to get some practice in. I had put an ad on Craigslist to narrow down who to meet by asking men to describe the way they make a martini and I would pick the one that matched how I like mine.

I met a man who knows that martinis should only ever involve gin, three olives and be as dry as humanly possible and made the best of the fact the bar I wanted to use was closed for refurbishment, ducking into a well hidden toilet I only know about because a friend used to be a resident.

With its heavy door and the thick carpets of the Barbican blotting out the sound of all the people being cultural, it seemed like an excellent place to be doing something very private. He leaned against the wall, cock already hard in his jeans and I knelt down in front of him and unbuckled him so that it sprung out of the top of his boxers eagerly and straight into my mouth.

I discovered that wearing a corset allows you to arch your back more easily to let him tilt his hips and push his cock further into your mouth so you can open it wider and relax your jaw to suck with deep sloppy strokes. With my hands on his legs, he came into the back of my throat with a sound so muffled it vibrated through his body at the same time.

He left and I made sure I didn’t look like I’d been up to anything I shouldn’t in polite company. Then I went downstairs and sat by myself on a high seat at the Martini Bar in my corset and latex stockings and ordered the very drink he’d suggested in the first place.

I think that’s the first time I’ve ever drunk a martini with the taste of a stranger’s cock on my lips and it turns out a dry drink goes very well with a wet cunt…



Dirty Martini

Afternoon Delight

It turns out Saturday afternoon is an excellent time to suck cock in a public place.

I arranged to meet a guy who liked my choice in stockings and red lipstick and I arrived early at the cafe so I could watch for him arriving and working out which woman Candi is in a room.

I’d given him a hint of what I’d be wearing, but I’m intrigued to see if people can tell how slutty I am just by looking. Judging by the looks leopard print and fishnet stockings got and how easily he spotted me, I suspect they can.

I’d been drinking tea while I waited and hoped that he could spot the lipstick marks on the edge of the cup as a taster as to how his cock was going to look shortly while we chatted politely to allow time to see when was a good time to slip away from the cafe.

Needing to touch my lipstick up gave me an excellent excuse to check we had privacy to use the accessible toilet. I wanted both sets of lips as wet and glossy looking as possible before he knocked on the door.

I knelt on the floor in front of him and unbuckled his belt and took his cock in my mouth. I love that moment of licking the pre come off a cock and feeling it come completely to life in my mouth. As he got harder, my mouth got wetter and my sucking sloppier until there was a very nice rhythm going.

Unlike the other day, I didn’t lose it when not one but two people tried the door handle. I think the wicked thought of what they would have found if he hadn’t carefully locked it made want to take even more of his cock in my mouth.

I was enjoying it all so much it was almost a surprise when he came and came hard. I swallowed half of it and the rest finished off with my hand around his cock and dripping with his come.

A quick clean up for both of us and he left. I lingered a little longer to check what exactly had happened to my lipstick after taking a cock deep in my mouth. And I liked the plump redness of my lips afterwards so much, I decided to go shopping for a colour just like it.

So much more fun to shop for lipstick walking round round with a wet cunt and no panties and the taste of a strange man’s come in your mouth…


Afternoon Delight

Crossed Paths

Today has been frustrating to say the least. I had a work emergency that meant postponing my first encounter of the day despite having it all planned out.

But at least I had another assignation arranged for Friday night to make up for the disappointment. I sat through another work meeting in suspenders and stockings all afternoon thinking about how hot it would be when I finally got down on my knees this evening with the sound of a belt unbuckling beside me and a busy bar on the other side of the door.

Sitting in my friend’s house chatting about work only able to sit at one angle in her comfy chair because my skirt was tight and my panties in my handbag, I planned how I would go to the toilets when I met tonight’s guy and slip them on while we chatted over a drink so that I could take them off when we’d finished and he could see how wet sucking cock on my Master’s orders makes me.

We’d arranged to meet at 7.30 at Bank tube station having carefully checked which exit we meant. I put my heels and red lipstick on before I left my friend’s house but did Candi’s hair en route.

The guy had asked if we could meet earlier than arranged and so I felt pleased I’d arrived at 7.25 past so as not to keep him waiting. There’s something quite exciting about watching all the men in the City passing you by and wondering which one’s cock you’re going to be sucking in the next hour.

But it wasn’t just my head turning. Candi’s long hair and red lips and seamed stockings seemed to be catching quite a few eyes as I stood there. I quite enjoyed feeling men’s eyes on me as I waited. And waited.

When fifteen minutes had gone past, I knew my waiting was in vain. I wasn’t going to be sucking cock tonight. I was almost tempted to proposition the man who whispered ‘woof’ into my ear as I was leaving to salvage the evening and not disappoint Master further.

Instead I wrote the night off and got on the bus and checked my email in annoyance. Only to see that I’d got the time wrong. We were meeting at 7pm and he’d waited til twenty past. I’d sabotaged myself and he was a lot nicer about my error than I’d have been in that situation.

So I’m back at home, all dressed up having entertained myself with slutty ideas all day. Like most women when Friday night plans go awry, I’ll be reaching for a bottle of wine. Unlike them, I won’t be drinking it…


Crossed Paths


Today was all about chasing cock. Tomorrow will be about tasting it. If it all goes to plan, I should achieve it both noon and night with two encounters on the cards. If only I was a morning person and I could literally suck cock round the clock.

I’m trying to decide what to wear. It has to be a skirt so I can wear stockings and suspenders but the decision is how tight and clingy to take the skirt. I like the idea of it being obvious that I’m not wearing any panties, but don’t want it to be too tight in case I can’t kneel down to get my mouth properly round a cock.

I’ll just to have to go and try on a few outfits and see which one gets me wet quickest. I’ve got a date with the Bitch Fist first anyway….


Watch Me Come

Who knew there was so much work involved in getting my lips round cock this week for my Master? I’d say I need a PA but really I just need to re-watch Secretary to get some tips on organisation…

In the meantime I relaxed with the big dildo, the magic wand and the thought of making my Master proud and a selection of strange men incredibly hard and squirted so hard I had to lie all night in a soaking wet patch.

The fact I couldn’t resist rubbing my naked cunt into the wet patch and squirming all night so that I actually ending up coming in my sleep made that less of a punishment than it should have been.

I thought you might like to see and hear as the wand runs across the piercing in my clit hood until I come…






Watch Me Come


After sucking cock in a public place yesterday I had to go and have a work meeting with someone I think would probably faint if they knew what I’d been doing half an hour earlier.

She did raise a slight eyebrow at the fact I was wearing latex stockings but was mainly rather taken with the corset and how small my waist looks in it. I bet I know what she’s Googling tonight after the number of questions she asked.

I felt slightly exposed that the last pair of panties I’ve worn were now in a strange man’s pocket while she asked to touch the latex thinking I was wearing leggings rather than stockings. I obviously didn’t enlighten her as we talked.

I rather enjoyed the walk through Waterloo at rush hour to catch a bus home. Amazing how many tired commuters’ eyes can be caught by some well shined latex coming into view.

I was almost disappointed to get a seat to myself on the bus and then a bunch of teenage schoolboys filled up the extra seats and made their presence felt. I don’t know if they were trying to impress me or intimidate me but they kept leaning close or or over me and discussing their supposed sexual prowess and conquests.

I stared out the window as if I couldn’t hear anything they were saying, all the while laughing to myself as they insisted a girl needs to have a tight pussy to be any fun. I wondered exactly what they’d think if they knew the kind of fun this stretched girl gets up to.

Instead I unbuttoned my coat and stood up for my stop and watched them fall instantly silent as they took in the latex and the corset. I could feel their eyes on me as I walked down the bus and I wasn’t surprised when I looked up as the bus drove off to see them staring out the window at me.

I’d like to think I taught them a few life lessons about not making assumptions about women, but I suspect I simply corrupted them. But I did remember that I need business cards in future…