I’ve been so distracted recently I forgot to check my diary and thus missed International Fisting Day on the 21st October despite that being more my thing than a Harvest festival.

Set up by the fantastic Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble, it’s not just designed to be a celebration of the enjoyment of the act of fisting but also to highlight the laws that make fisting porn currently so difficult to access.

Classed as obscene, showing the act of consensual fisting is basically banned in the UK and USA under the last changes to obscenity laws. While I understand the need to have some regulation of porn and obscenity, it troubles me and many other people that so many of the acts deemed unwatchable are based around unconventional female pleasure such as fisting or female ejaculation or facesitting.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on the legalities of the issue but if you like kinky porn, check the work of the lawyer Myles Jackman who is raising these issues from an expert point of view to prevent people being unfairly penalised for their sexual tastes.

I, on the other hand will be supporting the work of people like him and the Kink Olympixx campaign to protect rights around this and the forthcoming Digital Economy Bill will affect those who like our lives kinky, smutty and online.

This means that of course I get to make the political personal the next time I am fisted or fist Princess. And I can get behind campaigning with orgasms…


Picture This

Life is still conspiring against my libido butI’m enjoying seeing these pictures by Oh Tom Starling come up in my Twitter feed while I’m on hiatus.

Very sexy and very stylish they are keeping my brain ticking over just enough to stop my brain from getting bored without a diet of near constant smut and suggestion.

He’s taking requests for images so if there’s a very hot idea you have in mind, tell him. And maybe share it with me too as homework…

Picture This


I haven’t had an orgasm in two weeks. Not because my Master has been giving me orders and keeping me on edge, but because life has got in the way. Illness, trips away, life events and the general day to day has cropped up in those two weeks which for me has led to no orgasms.

A few years ago I’d be climbing the walls by now but my Master’s training has paid off in making me much less impatient for orgasms. Before I met him I didn’t think particularly about what kind of orgasm it was or where it came from, just the simple act of coming like scratching some kind of itch before moving on.

Now after his training, I’m less impatient but more greedy for orgasms. I want them to be good enough to savour. I’m prepared to work for them if that means following tasks, withholding them until given permission or simply giving myself over to what he wants.

The irony if course is now that I’m not as frantic for orgasms, they are easier to me to have. I routinely lose count of how many orgasms I have with either my Master or Princess and I’ve never had sex with either of them without an orgasm.

And in all honesty, I’d now be surprised if I didn’t even though I’ve previously had sexual encounters with other people that were more then enjoyable and didn’t lead to any orgasm on my part. I haven’t considered an orgasm an essential part of sex for me although I very much like to give my partner one.

So I was interested to read this piece by Exhibit A about sex without orgasms and be reminded that I’ve been living in a bit of a bubble recently filled with seemingly non stop orgasms and it’s no wonder the real world has finally interjected.

It will definitely do me good to reminded not to get nonchalant about the number of orgasms I’ve been having. Interestingly though the piece made me think more about my Master’s orgasms than mine.

I may end up having multiple orgasms with him and enjoying every one, but thinking about the intensity of the one orgasm he has at the end of a scene and how it feels when he comes into me goes straight to my cunt now as I type…



I got an amusing text last night from a friend telling me that she was delighted to find that Labyrinth was on Netflix because she’d just bought her first Doxy and that was the film that gave her her first sexual feelings as a girl so it seemed appropriate to combine them.

I’ve lost count of how many of my peers, both male and female, first discovered some inner feelings to David Bowie in those tight trousers. There was as much grieving for those feelings when he died this year as for his music amongst my friends.

I can’t remember anything about the film except those grey tights and unlike friends who went on to other filthy thoughts soon after, I still harbour such a thing about men in tights that it was the thing that kick started my relationship with my Master properly.

Several months of friendly but flirty texts turned into an unexpected and incredibly sexually charged moment that began our whole relationship when he sent me a photograph of himself in drag one afternoon.

Seeing his legs in stockings quite literally put me under his spell and in the space of about ten minutes I was playing with my pussy for a man I’d met twice before. It’s no surprise that I can still picture that photo in my head almost two years later because few things do it for me more than imagining a man’s cock in tights.

Women’s tights (rather than stockings) tend to be oddly asexual but the opposite is true for men. They enhance the sheer sexuality of a man’s cock in a way that male underwear rarely does for me.

And then there’s the confidence required for a man to wear something supposedly so feminine and carry it off. I used to live with a guy who taught ballet to soldiers to improve their fitness and recovery from injuries and few people were more sure in themselves than him and his fellow dancers.

More than one hyper-masculine squaddie lived to regret taking the piss out of them for sure. I on the other hand very much enjoyed having a houseful of men who wore tights for a living, even if my flatmate was terrible at paying his rent on time.

So  it seemed apt that I looked at one of my favourite sites, the fantastic Critique My Dick Pic today, and found an image of a man in tights that will give me very sweet dreams tonight indeed


Three’s Company

I loved this post by Exhibit A about a MFF threesome and all the expectations, pressures and achievements within such an event. It’s a very sexy, very tender and very vulnerable piece of writing and well worth a read.

Interestingly none of these thoughts had come into my head in the past four or five months of having fairly regular threesomes with my Master and Princess. I was however, full of overthinking the situation before I actually had a threesome with another woman.

Some of that was good old fashioned inexperience. I’d never had sex with a woman before and I was nervous that I wouldn’t be any good or even worse, just not that into it. The last thing I wanted was to make Princess feel bad while she was in my bed.

I can’t account for the quality of my sexual actions the first few times with Princess but when it came down to it, I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it and how wet it got me. I felt no hesitation at all in part because my Master had me blindfolded throughout so I had to trust him and follow his orders rather than think for myself.

The fact I had never seen or spoken to Princess until after we’d fucked for the first time simply enhanced it for me by removing any preconceptions or expectations. Essentially it turned out to be the ultimate blind date.

I never felt any pressure from either of them. Any concerns I had were entirely self imposed. I never felt worried about having sex with a couple who know each other well and feeling excluded or second best and I trusted my Master to have my back if anything seemed tricky.

Not knowing what either of them were thinking definitely helped even though it goes against all the advice I’ve ever seen on the subject which is to all talk first, set boundaries and discuss as much as possible. I much prefer simply putting my trust in my Master and letting him take charge since he does know both Princess and I quite well.

I had also completely forgotten until after that first threesome with my Master and Princess that it wasn’t actually my first threesome. I’m not entirely sure how you forget such things, but I think in part its because none of the three people involved in ever referred to it that way and so I never made the association.

When I was in my teens, I had a relationship for four or five months with two men. Long before I’d ever heard of polyamory or ethical non monogamy or probably even a threesome (it was Ireland in the 90s. Hardly a hot bed of sexual enlightenment) it was great fun and very non complicated.

They were both bisexual men in a couple and I fucked both of them separately and together and enjoyed both equally. I loved my cunt being the novelty in the scenario. But I especially loved watching two men clearly enjoying fucking and sucking each other and simply considering my cunt an added bonus rather than the main show.

Both those first threesomes taught me that the best way to approach such a thing is to want to share your partners. It’s not a time to be selfish or territorial but to want the best for everyone involved and work together as a team.

That way you get to discover just how useful a third pair of hands is in bed…

Three’s Company

Toying With Me

One of the best things I’ve read about sex this year is this piece by Girly Juice on the joys of sex toys with a partner. She approaches it from a straight perspective which actually made me relate to it more (despite Princess’s love of the Doxy.)

I think we could safely say that before I met my Master, I’d had a slutty past. I know some people keep lists of their partners and know precise numbers but I’ve always taken more the tack of an old workmate I met through escorting. Her version of a spreadsheet was whether you could fit your partners on a bike, a family car, a minibus, Intercity Express or an oil tanker.

I think mine is probably most likely to be measured in Tube carriages, especially those rush hour ones where you can’t really be too specific because it’s all just a mass of limbs and body parts you aren’t quite sure of but are pressing against you anyway.

Safe to say, I have a sample size large enough to make me feel like a relative expert on men’s sexual proclivities. And until I met my Master, one man asked me if I owned any sex toys because he thought they’d add to our sexual experience.

Yes, you read that right. One man wasn’t intimidated or challenged by or simply ignorant of all the things that sex toys can add to their experience with a partner in all that time. Even when you allow for the fact I’m old enough that you had to send off mail order for sex toys unless you wanted a glittery Rampant Rabbit from Ann Summers with as much oomph as a draft from your window frame, that means a lot of men still aren’t clued up to partnered sex toy fun.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t try to convert them since I don’t sound like a shrinking violet sexually. Partly because I didn’t really bother with sex toys that much myself those days. I tended to prefer picking men up for sex than masturbation in those days so anything I bought wouldn’t have got that much use.

And I had my hands full a lot of the time with other sexual issues. You’d be shocked how much time I spent trying to get a lot of these men to behave like a decent human being, be interested in any kind of orgasm for me and not to see sex as a one size fits all experience where their best move doesn’t work on all women because they aren’t actually a human slot machine.

It also clashed with my latent submissive tendencies to constantly be the person trying to bring things up when what you really want is a dominant man to make some effort and render you senseless with orgasms instead.

Part of me regrets not bringing up sex toys now because it might have made me raise my game a bit and consider people’s personalities a bit more than their general fuckability. But I also think it might have turned me full misandrist and utterly miserable in the process.

Instead, I let the one man who asked use his imagination and find a variety of things around my flat to pervert into several very fun evenings over several months. He also produced his own selection of toys and I had some of the most enjoyable sexual experiences of my slutty past with him, although comparatively little traditional penetrative sex.

He (and his strategically placed inner thigh tattoo) remained a happy memory from my early twenties but still didn’t convert me to either better taste in men or sex toys until I met my Master.

I can’t even imagine what sex without sex toys is like these days. I have been rewarded for waiting with my Master’s enjoyment and encouragement of using sex toys. It’s no wonder I have so many I lose track sometimes.

But it’s definitely not surprising that I’m not interested in other men’s sex toy habits any more when I can submit to my Master’s skills with them and try out a few new ideas of my own on Princess…

Toying With Me


I’ve spoken before about having my nipples pierced being such a big moment for me both personally and in my relationship with my Master.

I absolutely love them. Just feeling the bars through my clothes or catching a glimpse of them in person makes me very happy. And the way my Master pinches and pulls them gets me happily wet every time.

I was interested to read this article on the history and fashions of nipple piercing last night. The same site did a great piece on the history of the clit piercing too and now I’m desperate to get something else pierced…