A Glimpse

nipple-shotI think my trip out for the evening in latex got me in the mood to show off because when my Master messaged me today to see if I wanted to go out dressed up, I was already wearing a pair of fishnets and the waist trainer just for nipping out to do some errands.

Funnily enough he didn’t ask me to add anything to that outfit and simply laughed when I told him what I was wearing bearing in mind that I didn’t even own a short skirt when I met him.

He did give me some orders to try on the three sluttiest outfits I could find when I was out and fuck myself to an orgasm in each of them with the John Holmes toy and send him photos and descriptions.

Strangely I had some difficulty finding anything sluttier looking than I was already wearing especially when on such an unseasonably warm day I had to take my coat off and realised my top was showing my nipple piercings off very obviously…

A Glimpse

Take Away

I love when my Master has plans in mind for me and Princess together. I like letting him just take charge and having things unfold without any more input from me than total obedience and a gaping cunt. Few things get me wetter than being told exactly what to do and simply doing it.

Princess though is much brattier and mischievous and says out loud what her cunt is thinking compared to my silence. And tonight her cunt was demanding getting something inside it as soon as possible, preferably my Master’s cock.

Which is exactly why he made her wait a little longer by making her watch me suck his cock while she squirmed impatiently before swapping over so she had his cock in her mouth and her ass up in the air.

She was so horny she was taking his cock even deeper in her throat than usual and tilting her ass right up as I stood behind her and fulfilled my Master’s desire for me to look like that professional domme with the new leather flogger in my hand.

I had no problem following my next order to flog each side of her ass until it was red and she was choking on his cock. I do find this slightly sadistic side when presented with her ass and something to spank it with and love the sound it makes when I do.

She was certainly ready to lick my cunt once I’d finished flogging her getting me ready for my Master’s fist inside me for the first time in months. He reminded me that thanks to him I’m far more of a slut for fisting these days than for cock.

Although because I’m greedy I didn’t object at all when he fisted me wide open and then slipped his cock inside my stretched wet cunt and fucked me hard and deep on top of me until he came to combine both pleasures.

His timing of the whole evening was perfect as dinner was due to arrive after he came into me and he ordered me to try and compete with Princess’s outfit last time all three of us had fucked.

I did love seeing her with a pair of cuffs round her wrists and ankles carrying food but I particularly enjoyed zipping up my latex over my come covered cunt and making sure my boots were quite definitely thigh high when I went to answer the door this time.

I don’t think the driver was in any doubt about what had been happening to work up an appetite and he certainly took his time handing over the the food very precisely and slowly.

With the street light outside shining on the latex and showing off the corset, he didn’t seem too disappointed not to get a tip from me as well as a private view…

Take Away

Show Off

You know your life is just that bit kinky than average when you find yourself thinking it’s been a few weeks since you had a threesome and pining for one. Luckily my Master seems to have a knack of knowing when I’m getting impatient and told me to keep Sunday night free.

I don’t usually drop hints to my Master in the hope he’ll do something as that kind of ‘topping from the bottom’ really isn’t in my nature but this time my reply to him was that it gave me time to polish some latex. So clearly I had something in my mind after all.

My instruction in the end was to come to their flat dressed so that people would think I was a professional domme. Latex catsuit, thigh high boots, corset and black wig for the walk.

Just as I was leaving my Master told me to bring the John Holmes toy, the Doxy, a blindfold and a bottle of lube. I chuckled at how both the Doxy and the John Holmes barely fit in the average shopping bag now we’ve gone away from plastic ones and then enjoyed adding to my look with a bulging bag of toys hoping a dildo wouldn’t poke out en route.

Although I’m not sure the sight of the tip of a monster cock appearing from my bag in the street would have attracted more attention than I did get. I live in a busy part of south London where people tend to give the impression they don’t notice more. Until you stroll past them in latex and thigh high boots that is.

I enjoyed watching the reactions on people’s faces as I passed. Women tended to look admiringly at the boots with their faces switching to tight disapproval when they spotted the latex with the strategically placed zips above them.

The men however took in the whole look as their eye fell on me. I’m not sure which amused me more: the men who openly stared with no pretence of hiding their interest or the ones with their wives and dressed in their Sunday best who pretended not to be watching me walk.

The attentions of both definitely brought out my show off side and I walked a little slower than usual to make sure I made the most of it but I still made sure I arrived for my Master exactly on time to see what he had planned for us…

Show Off

Train Me


My Master and Princess were on a train last night and clearly in need of some entertainment to make the journey go quicker. And what better way than to use me to provide it?

I was lying in bed when my Master texted to say Princess was incredibly horny and he wanted to make her more so. Therefore I was to get on my knees and start fucking myself with the pink G spot toy while describing how it felt to both of them.

I love that toy. Small but effective in every way, it really does hit my G spot in the exact place to make me come with ease and I thoroughly enjoyed fucking myself slowly and steadily with it as my cunt got wetter and I was more turned on by sending them photos and videos on the train.

The toy got me right to the edge pressing in the right places and all I needed to do for the first orgasm I was ordered to have was brush gently against my clit piercing with my thumb and I went into an excellent and almost easy orgasm.

Princess asked my Master if I could try the toy again with the Doxy pressed against my clit as she knows how kneeling up always makes my clit swell and I come harder. He was clearly in a good mood because he ordered me to do just that as long as I put a small plug in my ass too.

I had a little issue managing the larger head on the Doxy with the smaller than I’m used to toy so when I was close to coming I had to switch from my knees to lying on my back. I’m very glad I did because I came so hard that I squirted all over the bed and ejaculated everywhere as well with the glass plug slipping straight out again.


I think I’d have collapsed and never got up if I’d been on my knees. As it was I had to ask for breathing space before my Master ordered me to ride the John Holmes toy for ten minutes to show how changed my cunt is.

He allowed me to lie down as long as I told Princess all the things I planned to do to her over the next few months. I told her there would be more photo shoots and that I would be fucking her more with the strap on and as I texted imagining her squirming on the train and my Master approving of my ideas, I couldn’t wait to slip the other toy into me again.

I sent my Master a photo of how easily the John Holmes slipped into my soaking wet come covered cunt and he admired how that huge cock is now easier for me than the little pink toy was when he first fucked me with it nearly two years ago.

I rode it for ten minutes allowing it slip in deeper and then pull back so I could get that feeling of a cock sliding inside you again and again and then my Master allowed me to come again with the Doxy on my clit and I was broken.

It took me a good hour my legs to stop shaking knowing my Master only stopped giving me more orders to come so he could do them in person tonight…

Train Me

A Gift

My Master had a birthday recently and it’s hard to know what to get a man who already has a beautiful blonde wife and a slutty submissive. Somehow socks don’t seem like they’d cut it here.

But it seemed logical to combine the blonde wife and the slutty submissive in some way in order to celebrate his day so I organised a shoot with me and Princess to perform on camera just for my Master to see.

I had no doubt how gorgeous Princess would look on film but I was pleasantly surprised how naturally she took to performing on camera. No shyness, but plenty of sluttiness and stunning submission for him to look at.

I was slightly concerned that my Master would question whether I had permission for that part of my training with Princess and wondered how he would respond to my initiative. But I wanted to do something specifically for him to show how much I value his ownership and guidance.

But I woke to a message from Princess saying he had got instantly hard at the first photo and was now fucking her and it was followed by a message from him telling to give myself three orgasms with the John Holmes toy and the Doxy in quick succession and I knew he rather liked the gift.

In fact he’s already decided we need to do another shoot and embrace the porn star style more next year. I can’t wait…

A Gift

Hard to Explain

It took me a while when I first met my Master to understand that he enjoyed playing games with me and D/s but that didn’t mean he wasn’t serious about those games and didn’t value them.

I was brought up with the incredibly contradictory and confusing idea that games were both ridiculously childish and yet so deadly serious that they must be won at all costs. This gave me a strong distrust of people who can’t enjoy a game but can only be competitive over them and yet made me think that to ever play games with someone was a negative thing.

I had never met people who enjoyed the skills of a game beyond winning and liked to challenge themselves through the nuances of them and use them as a social tool to bring people closer together. My experience was more people using nefarious tactics to win at all costs and thus being divisive.

I had also in my early twenties had some professional dealings with people in the kink scene who treated the idea of BDSM incredibly achingly seriously. They set very specific rules as to what made you truly kinky and allowed to play giving the whole idea an oddly exclusive feel where you were never allowed in.

This gave me the idea that you had to be the right kind of person to be kinky and I wasn’t that kind of person so I ended up stuck in the vanilla world feeling confused and out of place because those people seemed to not know what to do with me either.

Vanilla people took my genuine innate love of sex and being slutty and saw it as shallow and somehow unbecoming while the kinky people I’d met seemed to think my love of sex and sluttiness made me not serious enough. Neither group seemed to want sex to be a fun game but for different reasons.

Then I met my Master and he loves games on so many levels from the problem solving aspect of them or using them to push people out of their comfort zone to simply having fun and using them to get to know people better.

It took me a while to catch up to the idea that for him games are not manipulative or exploitative but all about uncomplicated enjoyment. No bullshit, simply having a good time and making progress as you go.

So it seems apt that when I saw him and Princess on Saturday with some friends of his, we all played a (completely non sexual) board game for entertainment which I’ve never actually done with him before.

It combined a lot of alcohol and a mix of charades and Cards Against Humanity to fit the number of us playing. I couldn’t even look at my Master when it got to my go and I turned the card over to discover my task was to describe ‘asserting your dominance’.

That’s very much my Master’s game and one he’s very good at. I definitely couldn’t compete there…

Hard to Explain

Baby Steps

My Master is a very patient man. When he started stretching me out he began very gradually beginning me with slightly larger than average toys and working me up to those butternut squashes over nearly a year.

He guided me through task after task challenging me to push myself when I thought I couldn’t manage them or wasn’t seeing the progress in the same way he was. He gave me the direction and orders and left me to do the work which is exactly how I like it.

So having tightened up a bit recently I was disappointed to have gone backwards slightly but that turned to pleasure when my Master started giving me step by step stretching tasks again as I’ve missed the submission as much as the stretching.

First he gave me a thirty minute task the other day along with videos of him flogging Princess and ordered me to make myself come with the John Holmes toy. It definitely got me started but I was still a bit disappointed that I couldn’t take the toy deeper than I managed.

So last night when he gave me a forty five minute order with the same toy, I had high hopes that it would get me back on my way. I was to make myself come after 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes and send him photographs at each stage to show how deep I was taking the toy.

I was determined to please him and show improvement so I started myself gradually with the inflatable toy. A minute each at 10 pumps, 15, 20, 25 and right up to 30 and I was ready to take the John Holmes toy.


I struggled to begin with needing a lot of lube to get it in and only being able to fuck myself very shallowly. But after about 10 minutes, it started sliding into my cunt which began to enjoy being fucked steadily as it stretched. By the time I came at 20 minutes, toy looked much more at home.


This time my cunt wanted fucked hard and fast for the next ten minutes so the toy made me wetter and hornier imagining my Master getting the messages. I enjoyed the feel of the toy stretching me out and filling me up and I actually came nine minutes later I was so ready for another orgasm.


At 30 minutes I had my perennial problem: my cunt was more than willing and my arms had given up being able to fulfil it. I stuck the toy to the wall and fucked myself from behind with it, pushing back as deeply as possible onto and remembering that playing this way with it on my Master’s orders made me squirt for the first time ever.

But tonight it wasn’t enough to push me into an orgasm no matter how hard I pushed against it. I took the toy down and rode it hard until the bed and my legs shook and I played with my clit piercing and I came hard with the toy buried deep inside me.

I rolled onto my back holding the toy inside me and was amazed to see how deep it stayed after three orgasms and 45 minutes of play when the rest of me couldn’t barely function.


I definitely felt like I’d made progress at that point and my Master seemed to agree telling me I’d done well. Hopefully I’ll be ready for his fist again soon…

Baby Steps